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In Business for 54 years

Our Services

Address Pickup

We will pick you up and take you to your destination at any time.

Food Orders

Hungry and don't want to get out? Forget that expensive delivery service, and use us.

Prescription Pickup

We have your prescriptions taken care of.

Out of Town Trips

Need to travel outside the Springfield area? We service a 100-mile radius

Why choose us over a ride share?

State Regulated

We are inspected and regulated by the local state government policies on taxi services. Ride shares do not have to follow these regulations.

Vehicle Inspections

All vehicles are inspected by both the state and city governments for safety.

Background Checks

All of our drivers are background checked. You can be sure that your driver is safe.

Profits Stay Local

Since we are a local organization, we pay taxes to support the schools, streets, and government of Springfield.

Lower Costs

Our fees are much more affordable than ride share services, and we have consistent pricing models that do not change for peak times.

Locally Owned and Operated

Most ride share companies are managed in a foreign country. We are owned and operated locally. We are your friends, family, and neighbors.

Steps to Becoming a Driver

1. Provide an MVR (Motor Vehicle Record)

a. MVR’s can be obtained from any local licensing bureau

b. NO DUI/DWI’s in the last 10 years

c. No CNI’s in the last 5 years.

2. Have a Class E chauffeur’s license.

3. Provide a DOT Physical and Drug Screening with Healing Hands Chiropractic

a. Physicals = $55 / Drug Screening = $35

b. Contact # 417-866-9355 / Call before visit / office hours vary.

c. Address: 3213 S Campbell Ave. Springfield, MO 65807

4. Background check ran under Springfield Yellow Cab Co.’s third party provider CHECKR.

a. Cost is $55

b. No Violent Misdemeanors in the last 3 years.

c. No Felonies in the last 7 years.

5. At least 3 days and/or minimum 24 hours of training total.

6. All must be completed before receiving Independent Contractor Agreement, Login information, and Password

About Yellow Cab Co.

We are a locally owned and operated taxi company that has been in operation for 51 years. We bring revenue to our local cities and state governments and we provide the same services as common big company ride shares. We'd love to provide any one of our numerous services for you at a flat, unchanging rate that doesn't spike during peak times. Call us, or download our app to book a ride today!
Kyle Butrick

Client Satisfaction

the driver was quick and on time. I felt safe in the car. and, as a reminder for everyone in the Springfield, Mo area: Yellow Cab will go and pick up your food order and groceries if you cannot get out. And, there is no minimum charge that you need to spend, not like with some delivery companies. I didn't feel the need to have to spend more you get what I needed.
Chari Altis
I asked for a cab to fi my son's oversized bike in. it was amazing Kelly fit it in she was wonderful ❤️. thank you Kelly I love yellow cab always on time even if you are late to work we own two cars but life gets crazy and yellow cab is way bett than Uber or Lyft at least in Springfield MO. Thank you. To the young and honest people that take the reservations they will tell you how long of a wait. most important you can track your wait so be ready
Lisa Heard
Compared to where i used to live this cab company rocks! Affordable and they give u a tracking link i loved it plus friendly drivers David was my first cab driver thank you for getting me to work on time!
Jim Finney
Roger is the coolest driver made made my crappy day much better .
Carley Ramona Joy
I can only go off of my experience. I had to use a cab to get home from Missouri State University. Though I wish the inside of the cab didn't smell like cigarette smoke, the driver was on-time and pleasant. I might be having to use you all again over the course of the next several weeks so I hope all my experiences with you all are just as pleasant.
Brandy Clark
I love the new system. I have used Yellow Cab many times throughout my life and have ALWAYS had a wonderful experience. From the phone call to the drop off GREAT service. And now with the new system,,,,,what what so cool, you call, you get a text thanking you, then a text when your driver in route to you....and then a text when they arrive.....LOVE it keep up the good work my friends!!!
Sherry Ford

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